University of Manitoba Game Design and Development (UMGDD)

At UMGDD (University of Manitoba Game Design and Development), we provide our members with an environment that allows them to learn and explore their potential. By working on a project-based milestone. Guiding them through the process of planning, designing, and producing a final project that delivers a rewarding interactive gaming experience. Our aim is to build different types of video games using various programs including, but not limited to, Unity, Maya, Blender, AutoCAD, Substance painter and Photoshop. Our club is divided into a programming team and a design team, with a plan to bring a team made product come to light, possibly every semester. UMGDD is an open club for anyone that is interested in anything related to game designing and development such as programming, sound, music, animation, modelling, business, and art. All of these skills integrated, will create the proper start for each and every member to get them exposed and widen their horizons, to the game development industry as a head start for their possible future careers.

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Last Recognized: May 2019 – May 2020
Club Category: To Be Announced

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