The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is an annual engineering competition hosted by a different university every year, attended by 500+ students representing over 20 post-secondary institutions. During the year students build a 300 pound 5-passenger toboggan from scratch, comprised of a steering system, brakes, a roll cage, and a concrete running surface. This involves application of technical knowledge from the classroom, research, testing, hands-on construction, and project management. Students must learn to work collaboratively, as well as manage their time and resources to complete the project on time while prioritizing safety, quality, and toboggan performance. At the competition, each team must race their toboggan on a snow hill to demonstrate speed, maneuverability, stopping distance, and safety. Teams must also present the technical aspects and the design of the toboggan components to a panel of judges, the general public, and other competing members. The competition encourages teams to engage and network with other competitors by participating in multiple social events and team-bonding activities.

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Last Recognized: Fall 2022
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