The University of Manitoba ITE Student Chapter is for students interested in transportation engineering and planning, and aims to educate students on the opportunities existing in the field of transportation.

The University of Manitoba Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter was established in 2003, under the faculty supervision of Dr. Jeannette Montufar. The Student Chapter is made up of a four-member Student Chapter Executive, Special Event Coordinators, and a roster of both undergraduate and graduate students interested in the field of Transportation Engineering.

The Student Chapter strives to improve transportation safety and awareness in the community through various activities. These activities can be divided into four main areas: (1) community service, (2) hosting professional events, (3) enhancing student development and learning, and (4) organizing fundraisers to help fund our volunteer activities.

Based on the Student Chapter’s theme, the Executive plans a wide array of events to be hosted throughout the year. Given the dedication of the Student Chapter Executive and the high participation of its student roster, the Student Chapter holds many events throughout the year. These events include guest speaker luncheons, professional development workshops, fundraising BBQs, charity drives, technical tours, and social events.

The UofM ITE Student Chapter is recognized as an official Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) student chapter. Within the past 13 years, the Student Chapter was awarded the CITE Student Chapter Activities Award 11 times. The CITE Student Chapter Activities Award recognizes the top student chapter in Canada, based on their ability to achieve the objectives set forth in the Charter and other outstanding accomplishments in such activities.

Each year, willing students from the Student Chapter Executive and roster travel to the CITE Annual General Meeting. Students participate actively within the conference events, including the annual CITE Traffic Bowl competition and student mixer.

For more information on the UofM ITE Student Chapter, you can visit their website at, or you can contact the Student Chapter Executive at

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