Version 2.50 (May 2022)

UMSU Student Clubs are student-organized groups which advocate for, represent, and provide services to certain student demographics interested in particular hobbies, athletics, careers, social causes, religion, culture, and more.

Groups require official recognition from UMSU.


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What are the benefits of becoming a recognized club? (Click here!)

Monetary support (exceptions may apply):

  1. Club Operations Funding,
  2. Club Events Funding,
  3. and Travel Grants Funding.


Resource support:

  1. Coke Drink Requests,
  2. No Charge on booking rooms at facilities controlled by UMSU or other faculty buildings (exceptions may apply),
  3. No Charge on booking a table at University Centre or other faculty buildings (exceptions may apply),
  4. No Charge on equipment rentals from the Service Centre (exceptions may apply),
  5. Invoicing for orders from UMSU Businesses (available through the UMSU businesses directly),
  6. Discounts from the Digital Print & Design Centre,
  7. Letter of Direction to open up Community Bank Accounts,
  8. and UMSU Club Manuals.


Operations support:

  1. Services Coordinator that can advise Club Operations,
  2. Monthly meetings to inform clubs about opportunities and new things,
  3. Social media pages to promote club opportunities,
  4. Involving clubs in Marketing Campaigns,
  5. Hosting the Club’s information and contact in the Club’s Directory Page for the public,
  6. Recognized by other companies and organizations as a Student Group,
  7. and Gain opportunities from organizations within and outside the campus for their club.

Do I have to renew every year to retain club recognition? (Click here!)

Yes, we will be sending your club a club renewal form every Summer to the group email address provided to us. We do this to check if your club will remain active for the next academic year. Once your club is renewed, its club recognition status will remain. If your club chooses to not fill in this club renewal form and the deadline passes, it will be considered inactive and unrecognized by UMSU.


When your club is not recognized by UMSU anymore, you must apply to become a recognized club. You can see more information here.


Please be aware that due to the pandemic, a grace period has been provided to all clubs recognized in 2019 – 2021. You can see more information here.

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Do you have any questions or need any help? Contact us!

UMSU Business Units

Currently in-progress / unavailable. It will be announced to everyone when available.


* GPAs: Free Drink Order Request

* Degrees: Catering Request

* The Hub: Venue Booking / Catering Request

* Digital Print & Design Centre: Club Registration Form