Start or Renew a Student Club

Start a Student Club

If your club has never been registered with UMSU, or is newly established, this section is for you. Before beginning your application, we highly recommend you read through the UMSU Student Clubs Manual which will give you an in-depth and easy to understand guide that explains the whole process of creating a student club.

While the entire student manual is full of useful and interesting information, we understand that you may be a little pressed for time. So, below you can find experts from the Clubs Manual which we consider to be absolutely vital to this process. More information can be found in the previously mentioned manual, but when applying please know that you are agreeing to stipulations set out in the UMSU Student Clubs Policies and Procedures, which is a different document entirely.

Before you begin, complete the following checklist of requirements for a new club:

  • The club will exist to provide a social or academic environment united by a central theme
  • The central theme of your club is original and not replicating an already existing club
  • The club is open to anyone who may wish to join (If not, your club will have some restrictions placed on it, which can include a limited access to funding. The only groups which we consider to not be open to the public are Sororities and Fraternities.)
  • Prior to applying to this form you have notice of at least 10 members who are committed to being members of this club, with at least 2/3 of them being members of UMSU.

Once all of that is in order, the real nitty gritty details of the structure of the group has to be solidified, which is accomplished by writing a constitution for your group.

Your club’s constitution is the document where you outline the structure of your group and what governs it. While most clubs have a President, Vice President, and Treasurer, but you are not restricted to those titles - feel free to make them your own!

While this may sound like a daunting task, we’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible for you by providing you a sample constitution, which you can base your club’s off of. By taking the titles given in the document and using the fictional example of UMKnit, you should be able to craft a constitution that will serve your group well.

If you end up getting tangled up in the details you’re welcome to reach out to the Clubs Manager who will be sure to help you draft a functional document.

Once your constitution is written and finalized, it has to be passed by the members of your club. This is to occur at a meeting prior to submitting your student club application, and is an excellent opportunity to gather information about the individuals who are members of your group, and inform them of the upcoming requirements of them in this process.

Next is where the actual application comes in. The Student Club Application is a comprehensive online form which will provide the Clubs Manager with enough information to ensure that your club is approved as a Registered Student Club and gets their very own portal. This portal will soon be your main way to get information about your group to the general public, and is where all Registered Student Clubs as well as student associations are listed with their own information for the world to see.

Following the creation of your portal, the two following points are integral to keeping your Recognized Student Club status:

  • Your portal needs to have a current version of your group’s governing document (constitution, bylaws, etc.); and if your club revises your governing document you must inform the Clubs Manager, and upload the new document to the portal within one week;
  • Your portal needs to have a current record of all members in the club, with a minimum of ten (10) members, and at minimum 2/3 of them being UMSU members.



Manage a Student Club

Keeping your own life under control is hard enough, never mind managing a club as well! We understand how difficult this balance can be and have tried to make it as simple as possible for you, including as little work as possible.

Once a year every group is required to submit the Student Clubs Transition Form which details all the information UMSU needs to keep your group reinstated as a registered Student Club, allowing you access to all the resources available. This form is due before May 1st of each year, and it is recommended you complete the form at elections for the next year, since all the candidates will likely be present to sign the form. If an executive is a part of both the outgoing, and the incoming caucus, we respectfully request that they sign the Income Caucus of the document to reaffirm the individual's commitment to our standards.

It is also important to note that failure to complete and hand in your form will result in your club being put into probation, where a group is limited in its access to different


Student Club Offices

Many Student Clubs have a dedicated space to call their own which is given out by UMSU on a yearly basis. Check back here in mid-March for a link for the online application for the 2017-2018 tenancy.