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Student Clubs Manual

To make life just a little bit easier on you and your student club, we have created this fantastic guide to the world of UMSU Clubs. In it, you will be able to find a wide variety of answers to almost any question you may have from applying to become a club and applying for funding, to booking spaces and renting equipment.

The booklet itself may be small in stature, but it packs a whopping punch filled with information that you may have not known even if you are part of a well-established student club. The manual’s main purpose is to provide a guiding hand for old and new groups alike, while assisting every club in working their way to their full potential.

You can download the most recent copy of the manual here, or get in contact with our Student Clubs Manager who can give you a physical copy.


Rules and Regulations

Every UMSU Student Club is required to have their own governing document which indicates the structure and composition for each club. On top of that, each club is responsible for upholding the policies found in the Student Club Policies and Procedures document. Within those pages you will be able to find all the information you need on the dos and don’ts of being an UMSU Recognized Student Club, including what can get a group stripped of their recognition.

We realize that the Policies and Procedures document is quite hefty, and the wording can occasionally be confusing, so to make your life a little easier, we have created the Student Clubs Manual, which explains everything in an easy to understand manner. We highly recommend you give it a read through, you might find out some pretty interesting stuff!

In the following paragraphs and links you can find some additional information, as well as all the documents we offer from our Front Office (101 University Center). Please take special care to know which forms and applications must be submitted online, and which must be submitted in person.


Student Clubs Application

Student Clubs Transition Form

Student Clubs Office Application



In some ways you can think of UMSU as resource library, renting out equipment that some may not have regular access to, in exchange for a fully-refundable deposit. Most requests only require one day’s notice with completion of the appropriate form. For more information, please consult the Student Clubs Manual

Equipment Booking

Room Booking

Table Booking


Funding Applications

UMSU offers a plethora of different kinds of funding for Student Clubs. While your event may be unique, our application simplifies the process by only having one form.

For more information about what is eligable for UMSU funds, and how to submit your application, you can visit our funding page.