Location 150 University Centre (office hours posted at beginning of each term)
Phone 204-474-6696


Peers: Students Helping Students is a group of student volunteers who are committed to providing support to their fellow students. Each Peer completes an intensive training program led by counselling professionals. Peers are resources for students who need information or support concerning health, academic or personal issues. Peers represent a diverse group and strive to provide a confidential and accessible place for all students to talk about their concerns.

Peers provide referrals to other Campus and community resources as needed. Peers can provide information and pamphlets on an array of topics for students. They also offer free condoms to students. All services are free, confidential, and open to any student or member of the University community. Peers are available for any concerns you might have, including:

Personal Concerns

Loneliness, coping strategies, financial problems, relationship challenges, sexuality, career choices, thoughts of suicide.

Academic Concerns

Voluntary withdrawals, grade appeals, academic procedures, harassment.

Health Concerns

Birth control options, nutrition, life-style decisions, alcohol and drug use, health resources.

All Peers volunteer their time to help you cope with the challenges you face at the University. As all Peers are fellow students, they have experienced many of the challenges that students are facing and can relate with students on a personal level. Peers are:

Supportive Listeners

Students can talk about any concerns-academic, health or personal-in a non-judgmental, gay positive, confidential and supportive atmosphere.

Skilled Communicators

Peers complete an intensive training program led by counselling professionals.

Campus "Connectors"

Peers can connect you to the services or resource you want, on or off campus. 

Friendly Students

Peers are student volunteers committed to providing support and information to fellow students.