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How Can You Reduce Your Enviromental Impact?

  • Bike, bus, or carpool
  • Use reusable food and beverage containers (bring your own coffee mug to Degrees restaurant to get a discount!)
  • Shop local, recycle, and compost

Do You Know That

UMSU has worked hard to make sustainable transportation to and from campus accessible to students through the implementation of the U-Pass and the creation of the UMCycle Bike Kiosk!

Subsainability On Campus

UMCycle Bike Kiosk: 204-474-8484 or UMCycle@umsu.ca
Office of Sustainability: 501 Fitzgerald Building 204-381-2920
Additional Resources found at:

Learn More and Get Involved

UMSU has formed a Sustainability working group, in which students can come together to address ways for developing more environmentally friendly practices and increasing sustainability initiatives campus-wide.

Contact pres@umsu.ca to learn more and join working group, provide feedback or suggest any of your ideas to improve sustainability on campus!