UMSU Committees

Current open committees: Election Appeals Committee

The Chair of the Board shall be responsible for chairing all the Board Meetings and General Meetings, including the responsibilities attributed to the Chair in Roberts Rules of Order.

The Chair of the Board shall be a Member of the Board, but shall have no right to:

a. Make or second motions.

b. Speak to a motion.

c. Vote. 

The Chair of the Board shall perform any other duties or tasks assigned by the Board

The DBO must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the Bannatyne Campus. 

The DBO shall be responsible for:

a. Advocacy concerns of Bannatyne Undergraduate Students in association with the Vice President Advocacy.

b. Setting and maintaining a minimum of five (5) set office hours per week in an office provided by UMSU.

c. Attending all Board meetings, as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

d. Act as Chair for the Bannatyne Board of Senior Sticks, in conjunction with the UMSU President.

e. Assist with the planning and other logistics of the Bannatyne Orientation week—both in September and January.

f. Prepare a report for the UMSU President to deliver to the Board of Senior Sticks on behalf of the Bannatyne Board of Senior Sticks.

g. Serve as the main spokesperson for UMSU at the Bannatyne Campus with the discretion of the UMSU President.

h. Serve as the liaison between UMSU and the Health Science Graduate Students Association and UMGSA regarding all Bannatyne operations.

i. Work with the VPSS on any student groups operations at the Bannatyne Campus.

j. Must be available by email until at least September 1st after their term has elapsed to assist in the transition of the new DBO.

k. Must schedule and attend Bi-Annual meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

l. All other duties related to Bannatyne operations as determined by the Executive Committee.

The Appeals Committee’s responsibilities are reviewing and adjudicating complaints arising from UMSU Elections.

The Appeals Committee shall be in effect from 9:00 am on Monday during Week 4 at the start of Campaigning period until 5:00 pm on the last voting day.

  1. The Appeals Committee shall meet daily on business days Monday- Friday during the campaigning period.
  2. The Appeals Committee shall meet Monday to Friday from 4PM to 5PM starting February 26 to March 8.
  3. All applicants must be available to attend the meetings and failure to do so will lead to disqualification from the committee, and loss of remuneration.
  • Review the financial affairs of the Union, make decisions regarding the student spaces of UMSU, and create new full-time positions.
  • The preparation and presentation of the UMSU Budget.
  • Approval of financial and audited statements.
  • The exercise of any right attached to a security, and the acquisition and disposition of securities.
  • Review employment of full-time staff and personnel matters relating to the Union.
  • Scrutinize the financial affairs and the contractual obligations and benefits of the Union.
  • Review quarterly the distribution of hardship funding to provide oversight to the program.
  • The mandate of the Governance Committee is to maintain and develop modifications to the Governing Documents of the Union, as well as advising Executives and the Board on positions to take on issues not covered in Position Statements.
  • The Governance Committee shall have jurisdiction over the Bylaws, as well as the Governance and Operations Manual, the Election and Referendum Manual, and the Position Statements Book. ​
  • The Governance Committee shall provide opinions or produce research for any initiatives, programs, or other activities that the Board wishes to be examined. ​
  • The Governance Committee shall receive reports from the CRO regarding all changes and additions to supplemental rules. ​
  • Handle complaints regarding the conduct of any elected or appointed UMSU directors
  • Handle complaints concerning any committee of the UMSU Board of Directors ​
  • Review and adjudicate complaints arising from UMSU elections ​
  • Executive oversight, namely ensuring that all UMSU Executive Members are adhering to time and workload commitments and meeting all deadlines​
  • Reviewing the administration and operation of all services provided to students by UMSU, managing all policies and procedures related to the implementation, continuation, termination, or creation of UMSU Services. ​
  • Processing and approving travel grant applications.
  • Reviewing and deciding appeals related to the Health and Dental plan. ​
  • Oversee and direct the union on all actions related to the U-Pass, including but not limited to negotiations, opt-out requests and referenda.
  • Approve any modification of funding and/or resources by UMSU regarding Student Clubs by a majority vote of the Member Services Committee.