UMSU Ventures

Are you a student with a passion for innovation? Welcome to UMSU Ventures, where innovation finds its space to flourish!

Ventures is a dynamic pop-up shop space created for the students, by the students, inside the vibrant UMSU University Center. As we understand the challenges and aspirations of student entrepreneurs, we provide you with an accessible and flexible physical space to launch your ventures, start-ups, and diverse small business ideas, without the burden of long-term commitments. With a strong emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and community building, UMSU Ventures is your launchpad to turn ideas into reality.

Our Mission

To provide a pop-up shop space, resources, and support necessary for the student entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

Our Vision

To empower student entrepreneurs with a dynamic, affordable, and innovative platform to foster the growth of their business ideas.

VPFO Vaibhav Varma standing in front of the UMSU Flex Space

Real-World Experience

in managing and operating a business, helping them develop practical skills that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

Market Test

your products or services, gather valuable feedback from customers and refine offerings based on real-time responses

Brand Exposure

 to increase brand visibility and gain exposure within the campus community.

Networking Opportunities

to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, and potentially collaborate on projects or initiatives.

Showcase your success

to the community and inspire others to pursue their ideas.

Access to Additional Resources

such as mentorship, workshops, and marketing support, to aid student entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

be part of the broader Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on campus, fostering a culture of innovation, creativity, and business development.

More Information

Stop by UMSU Ventures while on campus or send an email if you have any questions.

UMSU Ventures

102A UMSU Flex Space
UMSU University Centre

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Need a space for your idea, business or venture? Applications will re-open in the Fall Semester.