Frequently Asked Questions

About the U-Pass

Can I still use my existing U-Pass?

If you have remained a full-time student continuously (excluding summer terms) your U-Pass Peggo Card should remain active and automatically reload on September 1 and January1. If you aren’t sure if your U-Pass Peggo card is will working, send us an email at to confirm the status of your card BEFORE you load it. Be sure to include your student number and Peggo card number. DO NOT load product onto your U-Pass Peggo card if you are not sure if it is still active.

I've never had a U-Pass before. What do I do if I am eligible?

If you are eligible for the U-Pass, you can check to see if you were assessed the U-Pass fee on your “account summary by term” in Aurora.

Otherwise, you can visit our office located at 101 UMSU University Centre during office hours.

If you are not eligible for the U-Pass but would like to purchase a post-secondary peggo card, you can visit the UMSU Service Centre.

Please make sure you bring your student ID card.

Do I still have to get a transit validation sticker?

Yes. The validation sticker for student ID cards are now available for the 2023-2024 school year. Please visit the UMSU Service Centre to receive the validation sticker on your student ID card for the upcoming school year, at your earliest convenience. 

Your U-Pass Peggo card will work without the validation sticker. This sticker is to show the bus driver that you are a valid student this year.

The validation stickers for the 2023-2024 school year will be available by the end of August.

What if my U-Pass card is not working on the bus, or if I lose it?

You can visit the UMSU Service Centre. Please bring your student ID card. If you have lost your Peggo card there will be a $15 replacement fee.

About the Post-Secondary Peggo Card

What can I load on my U-Pass or Post-Secondary Card?

Please refer to the Winnipeg Transit site here for more information. Be sure to view the prices on the post-secondary column.


You should only be loading your U-Pass Peggo card in the summer term (May-August)

What if my Post-Secondary Peggo card is not working on the bus, or what if I lose it?

You can visit the UMSU Service Centre. Please bring your student ID card.

Where to Get a U-Pass or Post-Secondary Peggo Card?

Can I get my Post-Secondary card in person?

Yes! You can get your post-secondary Peggo card at the UMSU Service Centre (open Mon. – Thurs. from 8am – 6pm, Fri. 8am – 5pm) or at Answers Bannatyne (open Monday to Friday from 8am-2pm).

Are there any other places I can load my Peggo card?

You can load your Peggo card at most Winnipeg Transit partner agents (such as 7-Eleven or Shoppers Drug Mart), as long as you have your Peggo card. Click here for a listing of their retailers.